Follow Adder Review – The Best Instagram Automation Tool

Follow Adder Review – The Best Instagram Automation Tool

Follow Adder Review – The Best Instagram automation tool?

Follow Adder review – Followadder is an Instagram automation tool and can help you automate the exercise of getting real followers on Instagram, real likes and photo comments; a full Instagram management. Using Follow Adder you can automate your full management account. This is one of my favourite software to use, when it comes to marketing in Social Media. Get ready to sit back and relax & let this great automation tool do the rest for you.

Follow Adder Review: Who can be the main users/marketers?

Follow Adder is worthy of the audience seeking to reach any of the next goals

  • Improving your Blog/website traffic using Instagram
  • Generating leads for business using Instagram
  • Promoting your product line through Instagram marketing
  • Branding for your product/ website via Instagram
  • Making money via Instagram
  • Automating your account management and free up your time for other pursuits.

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Follow Adder Review: How does it Work?

Followadder Instagram automation tool is super easy to use yet provide lots of functionalities. In simple terms, the mayor system can be divided into two major steps. Uploading & Interacting / Scraping. Let’s look at both in detail underneath.

  1. Using the Search option integrated, you can scrape users, comments and photos
    1. Users – You can also scrape and create a record from it of ‘users do you want to follow’ or ‘users to send DM to’.
    2. Comments –You can scrape comments which you can use later for commenting on other similar posts. In my opinion is one of the best scraping features that Followadder offers. It can save you tons of time that you would have to spend on seeking and creating ordinary comments and then spin them to create real sounding comments.
    3. Photos – You can create list of the scraping results – ‘photos to like’ or ‘photos to comment’
  1. Using the bulk upload property of Followadder you can upload pictures in bulk to “colonize” your account with. Also, you can programme the posting of these pictures to make it more natural.
  2. Connecting with the audience is easier, following the users, using various lists, comment or like pictures… Interacting with them you can build a relationship and showcase your product/services.

Follow Adder Instagram Automation Tool Tutorial

Lists: You can create different lists as per your necessities.

  • Create users list whom you are looking for follow or send Direct Message
  • Create a list of pictures which you want to like or comment.
  • Create a list of “My Photos” which you can use later to share ‘my photos’  ‘my photos to Direct Message’, ‘ and my pictures for thank you Direct Message’
  • Create a list of comments that you want to comment on others pictures.
  • Searches: Using this option you can scrape Instagram users; you can also scrape pictures and comments in photos.

Follow / Follow Back / Unfollow: Once you have generated a list, you can use this list to follow under follow section and after if you feel you are not more interested to follow them anymore, you can unfollow them (Super Easy!). You can also follow back the users who have followed you.

Photos: Under the photos module you can share your own pictures by using bulk uploader. You can like anyone pictures, like back or even unlike pictures. Don´t forget you can comment on the photos as well. Photo bulk upload module is a lifesaver for those users/Community Managers looking for use Instagram aggressively.

Direct Messages: A really cool feature is that you can send Thank You Direct Messages to new followers and you can send direct messages to the list of users that you have created before. These messages will bring you the opportunity to connect with other users on an intimate level and generate more followers.

FollowAdder Instagram Automation Tool Review:

Advantages and Cons

Advantages –

Really functional and accurate schedule system.
Very simple interface is quite easy to dominate.
Bulk uploading options.
Cons –

I think they miss the option to have a #tag scraper. Since #tags are what helps you always to identify and locate photos and new users on Instagram, definitely are a very key part of the Instagram functionality. Having to write #tags all the time is a pain. I think it would be great a scraping feature that allows you to discover and use the right #tag. Then you would maximize your account’s potential.

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Follow Adder Review: My Final Verdict

This tool is a really effective Marketing Software for Instagram and it does what it guarantees on its website. I personally recommend it, I have been using it. It’s the perfect software for users looking to explore the amazing potential of Instagram for their accounts/business. I would say it’s a must-have, a tool for someone looking to explore the potential of Instagram and mastering the social network.

My personal recommendation…

I have been in the network marketing field for a few years and have made well over 7 figure in this industry so I know what to look for when you join a company…

Anyway, after reviewing hundreds of companies and systems out there…

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It’s the only system out there where you will learn step by step on how to build a business online with the right training’s, tools and the right mentorship!

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3 thoughts on “Follow Adder Review – The Best Instagram Automation Tool”

  1. Hey, how soon after the set up did you guys started to see results with Follow Adder? I just downloaded it yesterday after a very (very) tedious set up and today I have little to no engagement on my instagram page. If I wasnt used to instagram bots I probably wont think anything of this. However, as a past Archie.Co user, its set up included a simple account registration and payment and within 24 hours I I got an abunance of real followers, likes, comments and DMs. I guess after a very intricate set up with FollowAdder I expected the same thing. I would mention though, that in my activity log I see alot of “user search skipped- unable to perform photo search” but I’m not quite sure what is the cost of it. What also scares me is that a few people claimed that they never actually receive their money back after the 7day trial:/ As a first day user with little to no results this frightens me. Sigh any help or answers would really be appreciated.

    1. Hi,

      Please note that follow added isn’t like the web based platforms. Archie is likely to get your account shut down as it’s pretty ruthless and not overly targeted.

      There are a ton of set up videos on you tube to help you get started.

      This software is the best. Hands down!

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