Laser Online LLC – 12% Returns in 12 Days – Too Good To Be True?

Laser Online LLC – 12% Returns in 12 Days – Too Good To Be True?

Laser Online LLC

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This article I want to start with a little background of Laser Online LLC’s marketing approach & platform’s goals in general. Don’t worry, it will not take much time of yours, however, I do consider it as an important step of providing our partners with an extra layer of clarity in order to establish long-term, trusted relationships with clients all over the world.
I will be honest with you that L.O.P’s rapid growth has exceeded all our expectations. And as many people have joined today, logical questions could rise up. I would like to answer the most important one so far…

“How could 12% Daily plan can be considered as a long-term one? Are you serious?”

As many of you might expect, my honest reply will be: “Yes, we are absolutely serious about 12% Daily return”.
We all know that cryptocurrency is a powerful instrument, yet how exactly that huge of a R.O.I can be sustained over longer time periods? In fact, it is very simple in its concept.
Living at the 21st century we do agree, that marketing is everything. In order to compete at the cryptocurrency market, we do have to play by its rules, at least from a very first start.
Regulations it has are very simple – higher return you can offer a better chance of your platform to be noticed, and longer you can provide such revenue to your clients – much more stable a company will be. But we will never promise anything to our users that cannot be delivered. And this is why I will try to clarify our approach by climbing up on basic logical factors which everybody can see very clearly. I will try to hike with you straight on the peak of confidence we always here provide:

Why Laser Online Marketing Plan can be considered as the most stable one? 
Skipping those “hardcore unrealistic” first sight offers, mother Math always stays behind everything and ready to back it up for you:

Factor 1.
Business Days
12% Daily Profit within 12 business days is possible only if we are talking here about 2 weeks at the calendar plus a couple extra days to spare. It totals we could expect up to 144% monthly return… But it’s quite a number, isn’t? Yes, impossible one… but let’s blindly accept it for a minute and simply continue with it from now…

Factor 2.
Principal Included 
If 144% return can scare and make even a skilled Crypto Trader run away in tears, why don’t we add up one more factor over it? The principal of your deposit is always included in your daily returns. This could make our offer much more stable than any “principal back”, or “locked till request” solutions. Laser Platform will bring your initial investment within those 2 weeks right at the daily revenue providing almost risk-free money generator. Short plans are made for users in a first place. Faster you can get your money back – better for our own business. Okay, now we’re talking about 88% monthly revenue (44% in 2 weeks). But wait… that’s 2 times higher than J.P. Morgan makes! Okay, it’s all good. Do you still have a minute?

Factor 3.
Restrictions & Limits
Without rules there will be chaos. I have a strong opinion on setting up visible and logical regulations which can form a structure of the company for better well-being of the community itself. All users at L.O.P. being provided with different trust levels based on their CS (Credit Score) in a first place. If you look at our FAQ’s section you can find plenty of information regarding users CS system, but with different layers applied to investors, there is no chance of a “bigger guy” getting your meal with his wallet power. Rules are all the same for everybody and the longer you stay with Laser, much more access codes can be discovered.
Let’s just keep in mind that no matter how big your investment is – you can withdraw only what your profile status will allow. Learn more at your profile’s ACCOUNT section. Based on a specific set of restrictions applied to every new user, now we can visibly reduce an average R.O.I down to 44% profit monthly. And yes…I do agree that it is still too big to “rule the world”.

Factor 4.
Withdrawal Timing
From the behalf of our team, I must say “Thank you” for many compliments we’ve received on our countdown timer system. It is convenient to always see when exactly your profit will arrive. But besides that, did you know how powerful can be a secret of “long-term” money? Global banks and biggest insurance companies, financial institutes and charity organization all being based completely on a secret of creating a long-term capital for business development. Same idea at Laser Online Platform. By creating a specific 48 business hours timer (which can be explained as “up to 4 calendar days”) we can literally build a wall of stability & make online investments great again! At the end it does not matter how much % we offer, but how fast do we have to pay this revenue to our users as a company. Don’t get me wrong, we do not lie or sugar coat anything, but finding a perfect spot between a “strong offer” and “rock solid” product. We can definitely agree now – timing plays a big role in defining how stable your company can be.

Factor 5.
Instruments & Widgets 
Let’s face it… cutting angles is all good for the business, but how do we keep so many users interested in our services? Simple enough – each investment platform should provide as much effective features and instruments as possible. At the end, it’s all about working with your capital and creating custom tailored solutions for your own financial goals. If we want to talk numbers, either it is AUTO-REINVEST (not compounding) or SUCCESS SCHEDULE (automatic “no human involved” payouts), a simple INSTANT TOKEN or CRYPTO MIXER… All these instruments not only can make your investment portfolio exclusive but build a great strength of the Platform itself!
Every single widget we provide aimed at making Laser Online stronger, more stable and so different from the others which I hope you all can see now.

Factor 6.
Financial monitoring, Security and Affiliate Opportunities 
No business can run long enough if there are constant informational leakage, con-tinuous hacking & serious security breaches. Don’t we get tired of this same old news title “X… cryptocurrency exchange got hacked”… Again? Why every single Bitcoin-related company got hacked so easily? Don’t you think people with big money should provide much more attention to the safety of the funds of their own customers? I don’t want to go too deep into it, but something here smells fishy. With so many technical innovations and latest cryptography discoveries, we should not be scared of any hacking attempts anymore. Right question is – How protected is Laser Online Platform? Feel free to discover at As I like to say – When it comes to the safety of your customer’s funds, it is more about your own behavior as a manager and fewer bits at your SSL certificate.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) can and should be considered as a dangerous one only if there is a huge downline debt involved with affiliate bonuses sometimes so high it could be even harder to explain them, than any R.O.I.

Strange coincidence we can see at the market nowadays. More “Stable” return company provides…more downline bonuses it offers to so-called “leaders”. “But wait a minute… don’t you guys offer same multi-level affiliate opportunities at Laser?” Yes and no. We do have very lucrative 5% First downline affiliate bonus for each participant your directly invite, however, we stop at 2 small downline bonus of 2% and 1% for those who want to get a passive income. What is our solution for true leaders instead? A Reward-Check competitive system which unites all true leaders and marketing professional at one single unit of a capital magnet. The concept is simple though – bigger your impact is more reward you can get. Showing real & visible activity will guarantee you an instant check but no more “passive pumps” involved in the development of the platform. If you decide to promote Laser Online you can earn as much as your professionalism can afford.

Sorry, it was a very long one. I honestly didn’t expect this message to become so long. But as you possibly can see right now – there is no time wasted when it comes to working with your client’s feedback.
I do hope this message provides you with extra confidence at Laser Online and as always…

Stay in tune for amazing updates & improvements! 
Oh wait…didn’t’ I mentioned them all already? Just to make sure, here is a full list of all the recent updates so far:

New instruments available at your Desktop area: 

Mix your Bitcoin withdrawals at Laser Online!

Make up to $5,000 investment and enjoy your right to get up to 3 instant withdrawals a week!

and last but not least:

Have Bitcoins or altcoins in store? Want them to be dollars or vice versa? Do some magic and get it done with our new Balance Converter instrument!

Important note:
Some of the new functionality listed is yet to be completely finished and have a sta-tus of a “Pre-Alpha”. If you have any difficulties using it or simply a bug of the feature itself, feel free to report it back to our 
Customer Support! We will do every-thing at our best to fix it in no time! 

Get started with Laser Online and start earning right away!!


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