LeadFriend Review | Is It Worth It?

LeadFriend Review | Is It Worth It?

Leadfriend Review – Scam or Opportunity?

 If you search around for an Instagram automation tool that will help you grow your account, you’ll find many different tools. However, the problem with most of the tools is, that they are using robots.

The problem with robots is that they automatically like or comment posts. As an example, it can happen that the bot is commenting a photo with a funeral with “Awesome!”.

Of course, that will not happen a lot, but this is a really negative side effect.

In addition, from time to time when Instagram updates it algorithm the bots are not working properly and your account can be banned. These are all reasons not to use an automation tool that uses bots.

However, there are also many tools that are very helpful growing your Instagram account. One of them is Leadfriend.

How does it work?

First of all, you need to sign up for the $1 5-day trial, you are going to have to leave all of your credit card details for this… Then you set up your account on what type of market you want to target, your competitors, keywords and such.

When you have done all that the program will start to work on its own and auto like, auto comment, auto follow, auto unfollow and so on…

Just like other similar Instagram tools…

Important to mention here:

There are options that are completely FREE, that offers scheduled posts, alarm when it´s the best time to post, suggestion on viral content to share, etc, and most importantly completely 100% safe.

Below is the absolute best option that all the “Insta pros” are using I would strongly recommend:

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Leadfriend offers different packages, depending on the number of accounts and the number of features.

Basic: The basic package costs $37/month and is for one account. They say you get up to 3X the growth of your competitors, advanced following/unfollowing and advanced liking/commenting.

MVP: The MVP package starts at $57/month and is also for one account. Additional to all the features of the basic package you get 5X the growth of your competitors and direct messaging.

BIZ: The BIZ package starts at $97 per month and can handle two accounts. Besides all the features of the MVP package, they offer 10X the growth of your competitors.

VIP: The biggest package is the VIP package for $137 per month. This package can handle up to 5 accounts and all the features of BIZ. In addition, you get access to an engagement group which can help you getting posts viral.



Important to mention here:

You should know that there are services that are offering pretty much exactly the same functions as the (in my opinion) TOTALLY OVERPRICED VIP membership above and also allows you to connect as many Instagram accounts as you like for a fraction of that price!

***Click here to read more about that one instead

Is Lead Friend a Scam?

So, is Lead Friend a scam or not? Well, to be honest, I can not say that it is, however, I have found some red flags that I see that no other reviews are talking about. The reason for that is most likely because they have partnered up with the program, that means that they are getting paid to promote the program.


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