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M.O.B.E – High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

The Best Online Business System Review, Scam Or Legit?

M.O.B.E Website:

Are you looking to get your small business off the ground, but are unsure of where to start? My Online Business Empire would be more than happy to

help answer all of your questions. What’s so great about the team behind this company? This review will cover the following: their approach to starting

businesses, an in depth look at their product line, the all important profiting system, among one or two other need to know details that will help you

decide if this company is the ideal one to work for or the company to help get your business off the ground and turn your dream into a reality,

you can test drive this system for $7 for 7 days – click here.

So what separates My Online Business Empire from the competition? What are it’s biggest benefits?

  • You will get personal one-on-one coaching from business coaches who make 6 figures plus.
  • You get a dedicated phone sales team ready to close $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 sales for you.
  • It’s informational products will show you EXACTLY what to do step-by-step to build your business and produce results.
  • You get access to fully automated sales funnels where you drive traffic and everything else is handled for you.
  • When you sell 5 MOBE licenses a month you get a Mercedes paid for YOU!

What Products Does My Online Business Empire Sell?

My Online Business Empire has a variety of products which it sells but unlike a lot of other business opportunities MOBE focusses the majority of its upper level products, not around force feeding more information you don’t need down your throat but on live events held in tropical locations around the world like Fiji, Bahamas, Costa Rica and Cabo.

MOBE’s products can be broken down as follows:

  • My Top Tier Business (MTTB)
  • MLR (MOBE Licensing Rights)
  • Titanium Mastermind
  • Platinum Mastermind
  • And soon to be launched the Diamond Mastermind

My Top Tier Business (MTTB)

my top tier businessMy Top Tier Business (MTTB) is MOBE’s most popular product as it is it’s front-end low ticket offer where people start out. It costs $49.

With My Top Tier Business, you are given a 21-step training program which will take even the most inexperienced marketer and essentially give them their internet marketing stripes.

Before you can even access the course you will actually need to fill out an application form, and then schedule your first coaching session where you will be interviewed to see if you’re a right fit for the 21-step MTTB program.

This ensures only those who are serious about building a business online join. I absolutely love this because it keeps people with the instant gratification, get rich quick mindset away.

Another unique thing about My Top Tier Business is that after every 2nd lesson before you can progress to the next set of lessons, you must have a call with your coach where he or she will ask you questions regarding the training to ensure comprehension. If you pass the test you can move on, if not you must go through the training again and schedule another coaching call.

Here is what each step dives into:

  1. How To Make A 6-Figures In Your First Year With Top Tier!
  2. Discover The Missing Ingredient 99% Miss in Business Success…
  3. How To Unlock Your Millionaire Mind…
  4. Why 85% Of Franchises Succeed While Most Other Businesses Fail…
  5. What Is Even More Lucrative Than A Franchise Model?
  6. How To License A Proven & Profitable Online Business…
  7. How To Get The Expert Support You Need To Succeed
  8. How To Get Paid Quickly & Easily With MOBE
  9. How To Get $3,000 Commissions With No Extra Work…
  10. How To Get $5,000 Commissions With No Extra Work…
  11. How To Get New Mercedes Benz Paid For Every Month
  12. How The Phone Sales Team Makes You Money 24/7
  13. How The MOBE Team Builds Your Business Everyday
  14. How To Make 5x More Money Without Any Additional Work…
  15. How Goals Are The GPS To Your Success
  16. How To Create Success Faster With Helping Hands
  17. How To Finance Your New Business Venture
  18. How To Get Steady Streams Of Traffic Visitors 24/7
  19. How To Get Access To Even More Opportunities
  20. Discover Your Why And Manifest Your Success For Life
  21. Discover A Special One-Time Offer, You Don’t Want To Miss

With My Top Tier Business you will also be given access to the 30 day traffic plan which dives into everything from blogging, video marketing, social media to paid advertising. You aren’t expected to master each traffic source, but rather choose 1 or 2 which suit YOU and you current situation.

And to make sure you won’t get overwhelmed Matt Lloyd will also give you access to a traffic coach. This traffic coach will take you by the hand and help you 1-on-1 with your traffic generation campaigns.

Combining what you learn from the 21-step training program and the 30-day traffic plan you will have a SOLID understanding of how to build and market a business online.

As a BONUS you will also receive access to daily calls from the legend JT DeBolt where he will cover everything: not just money, but also health, career, relationship, spirit, and lifestyle along with a business principles webinar every Wednesday.

If you are interested in this product then feel free to read my in-depth review of My Top Tier Business.

MLR (MOBE Licensing Rights)

mobe license rights programWe haven’t touched very heavily on the compensation plan yet but My Top Tier Business allows you to make 50% commissions on all products under $500. When you invest into MLR (MOBE Licensing Rights) you become a franchisee of the company and earn 90% front end commissions and up to 50% on the backend (sales closed by phone sales team).

This means you are qualified to make $1000 in commissions whenever someone becomes a MOBE License Rights member through the phone team. If you made the MOBE License Right sale yourself, you make $1200 in commissions!

In addition, you also receive the following products:

  • Affiliate Bonus Domination (retail price – $291)
  • How To Build A Funded Proposal (retail price – $194)
  • Email Marketing Empire (retail price – $194)
  • The OPT Formula (retail price – $194)

All of which is phenomenal training and will expand upon what you learned from My Top Tier Business.

MLR is priced at $1997 upfront, and then $99/month which begins 30 days from the date of purchase. So what’s up with the $99/month payment?

This gives you access to the MLR Inner Circle where you will get daily and weekly training lessons, tutorials, daily done-for-you emails that you can send to your list, videos, and webinars from the top producers in My Online along with additional tools and services.

Titanium Mastermind

titanium mastermindThe Titanium Mastermind which is only available to MLR holders costs $8,997 upfront, and then $199/month (replaces MLR monthly fee) which begins 30 days from the date of purchase. It’s also worth mentioning for the sake of transparency a 3% Merchant fee is charged when payment is made using a credit card.

The Titanium Mastermind grants you access to attend a life changing annual 3 day, 4 night all-expenses paid mastermind retreat for two people (your guest can be a spouse, friend or business partner who’s not already in My Online Business Empire).

Last year the Titanium Mastermind was in Cabo San Lucas and it’s keynote speakers included Joe Sugarman, Mike Koenigs, James Schrampko, Mike Hill, Dave VanHoose, Lisa Grossman, Curtis Broome, Mark Hoverson and more.

In addition to the live 3 day, 4 night event, you will also get:

  • Everything in the MLR Inner Circle!
  • Titanium Inner Circle monthly newsletter!
  • Titanium Bi-Monthly Calls!
  • Titanium License Fee
  • Done For You Articles
  • Done For You Videos!

As a Titanium member you also have free and exclusive access to the following services:

  • 5 Titanium 1-on-1 private consulting sessions

And 50% discount on the following products and services:

  • MOBE Elite Earners (retail value – $97/month)
  • MOBE Inner Circle (retail value – $97/month)
  • Done For You Emails (retail value – $97/month)

The same commission structure as the MOBE License Rights (MLR) member is present, however, you get $3000 every time a member upgrades to the Titanium Mastermind.

Platinum Mastermind

platinum mastermindThe Platinum mastermind which is only eligible to Titanium mastermind members costs $14,997 upfront, and then $299/month (replaces Titanium mastermind monthly fee), which begins 30 days from the date of purchase. Just like the Titanium Mastermind, it’s also worth mentioning for the sake of transparency a 3% Merchant fee is charged when payment is made using a credit card.

With the Platinum mastermind, you are invited to attend an annual 5 day, 6-night all-expenses paid mastermind retreat for two people (your guest can be a spouse, friend or business partner who’s not already in My Online Business Empire).

This year’s upcoming Platinum mastermind is going to be in Costa Rica and it’s keynote speakers included Russ Whitney, Casey-Lea Edwards, Simon Fagence, T.J. Rholeder, Max Wright, Nik Halik, Rene Kamstra, Amish Shah, Charles S. Mizrahi and more.

In addition to the 5 day, 6 night event included is:

  • Everything in the Titanium and MLR Inner Circle!
  • Platinum Inner Circle monthly newsletter!
  • Platinum Bi-Monthly Calls!
  • Platinum License Fee

You also have free and exclusive access to these products and services:

  • 60K in 60 days (retail value – $1,997)
  • How To Make High Ticket Sales On The Phone (retail value – $4,997)
  • 10,000 Leads in 100 days Training Program (retail value – $1,997)
  • MOBE Elite Earners (retail value – $97/month)
  • MOBE Inner Circle (retail value – $97/month)
  • Done For You Emails (retail value – $97/month)
  • 10 Platinum 1-on-1 private consulting sessions

The same commission structure as the MOBE License Rights (MLR) member is present, however, you get $3000 every time a member upgrades to the Titanium Mastermind AND $5000 every time a member upgrades to the Platinum Mastermind.

As you can see, your income potential grows by leaps and bounds when you become a Titanium or Platinum Mastermind member. But wait, this compensation plan gets even better.

MOBE Compensation Plan

MOBE’s compensation plan actually really isn’t that difficult to understand. You first level (direct sales) you make varying up to 50% – 90% commissions depending on the product and on your downline sales you earn 5% commissions with unlimited depth. To really solidify your understanding, however, MOBE has put together the 3 compensation commandments.

Commandment #1 – As an affiliate, you can ONLY earn commissions on products you are positioned at (aka own).

Commandment #2 – When someone you bring in becomes a MOBE License Rights member (MLR), his License Rights, Titanium and Platinum sponsors are SET IN STONE. So if you brought someone in while you only had Titanium, that person goes MLR and then you upgrade to Platinum a few days later because you learn the person you just brought in is going to go platinum, that platinum sale will actually pass to whoever is qualified in your upline. This is because when the person you brought in went MLR you were only Titanium.

Commandment #3 – Every MOBE License Rights, Titanium and Platinum member gets 5% commissions on the personal sales of the members they bring in.

A detailed overview of the compensation plan with numerous examples and figures can be found here (skip over to page 6).

My Online Business Empire pays out twice a month on the 1st and 15th of every month. Payments are released after 14 days through an ewallet.

In summary just remember you only make sales on the products you are positioned at, when you bring someone in who goes MLR you only qualify to make commissions off them on the products you owned at the time they joined you at the MLR level (any products you didn’t own go to sponsor or next qualified affiliate) and finally you earn 5% commissions on MLR, Titanium and Platinum members with unlimited depth.

What about the MOBE Motos program?

As an extra incentive to MOBE affiliates, the company will actually pay for your very own dream car. The way the MOBE Motors program works is by points.

First of all, you MUST be in the MOBE License Rights (MLR) Program.

As long as you are in MLR, you simply need to make 5 MLR sales. This will give you enough points to qualify for the base level  (up to $600/month lease). When this happens you will receive an email with the subject line “Congrats, you now qualify for your MOBE Motors!” You can then go down to your local car dealer, choose whichever model you like and turn to the dealer, and say “I’ll take that one!”

My Online Business Empire will then take care of your monthly lease payments as long as you continue to hit 5 MLR sales monthly (don’t worry- it’s not hard, and you’re just repeating what you’ve already done once).

Making 10 MLR sales a month will qualify you for the luxury car (up to $1,200/month lease). This isn’t just based off MLR sales either, here are how the points work:

  • A MOBE License Rights sale = 1 point
  • A Titanium Mastermind sale = 3 points
  • A Platinum Mastermind sale = 5 points

It’s also worth noting points carry over. So if one month you had 30 points, and then next month 0, your luxury car would be paid for, for 3 months in advance. Talk about an incentive to produce! You can learn more about the MOBE Motors program here.

Is MOBE A Scam?

If you do your research thoroughly you will find a few articles detailing My Online Business Empire as a scam, a pyramid scheme or a ponzi scheme. Probably one of the most popular is an article from waystoavoidscamsonline dot com (I won’t link, but you can easily find it through a Google search) which labels My Online Business Empire as an obvious scam.

His main argument is “you are not learning how to build a business in a niche that you are interested in, you are not going to be shown how to effectively promote your local business, you are told to BUY MORE stuff and then taught how to sell other people into the My Online Business Empire system.”

This is of course completely false. The training you get inside of My Online Business Empire teaches you everything from basic internet marketing principles to advanced topics like traffic generation and conversions which can be used to market ANYTHING.

Yes, you are encouraged to further your education as you go through 21-steps of My Top Tier Business, but how else would such a system work?

Just like a University you are charged every time you want to further your education. You don’t just pay a one-time fee and then get all your books, and courses for your doctorate.

And YES you are taught also how to sell MOBE if you CHOOSE (choose is the key word there) to become an affiliate. You don’t have to, many people join MOBE simply for the networking which takes place at its live events which are filled with 6, 7 and 8 figure earners.

The article later goes on to discern because you are given access to a large library of products it makes it a scam because you are “FORCED” to buy them… yeah ok… just like I’m forcing you to read this article right now. It also disses Matt Lloyd for not being responsive to the beck and whim of everyone who has purchased from him.

Ahhh yes, let me give Bill Gates a ring because my PC is running slow. Oh… wait… I can’t speak to Bill Gates? SCAM!!

The irony of this all is then the article goes on to recommend another business opportunity which he is an affiliate for… oh boy.

I could sit here all day dismantling various articles calling My Online Business Empire a scam but at the end of the day it’s an affiliate from another company wanting you to join their magical system over their competitors or someone who joined hoping to get rich quick.

Most people get into entrepreneurship and home business hoping to make a quick buck, then once they buy into the program they just don’t do anything with it… they expect it to produce results on it’s own. And then when it doesn’t they blame the tooth ferry, Santa Clause… everyone but themselves.

So is My Online Business Empire a scam?

I will let you be the judge of that.


Of all the business opportunities out there My Online Business Empire (MOBE) would rank near the top (if not at the top). Most online business opportunities plug you into a messy library of training with NO support besides your sponsor who most of the time is MIA, there is absolutely NO STRUCTURE to the training and you need to learn the art of selling yourself and put up with measly commissions because you can’t close high ticket sales.

My Online Business Empire solves all of these problems by essentially becoming the official online marketing university. Training is in both written and video form in which you must connect with your coach before moving on.

As you progress through My Online Business Empire and purchase the higher level courses, the coaching also improves as well. You go from speaking with 6-figure MTTB coaches to coaches who earn 7 – 8 figures and actually consult with you on building a business plan, traffic generation and everything in between.

This does WONDERS for retention rate and more importantly YOUR SUCCESS. This doesn’t even include the coaching and mentorship you will get from your MOBE sponsor (if you chose a good one that is).

Does My Online Business Empire (MOBE) cost more than most business opportunities? You bet! Let’s not beat around the bush here…

Does a Ferrari cost more than a Honda Civic?

Of course!

You are paying for a higher caliber of service and of course a higher caliber result.

Don’t think you need to have pillows stuffed with $1000 bills to be able to take full advantage of My Online Business Empire though. My Online Business Empire has a variety of financing plans available for their higher ticket offers which allow you to pay monthly versus all in one lump sum.

Did I Mention The MOBE Bonuses?

So why should you work with me over the thousands of other MOBE affiliates?

Look around my blog and find out. On this blog, you will discover that I very openly share all my biggest secrets FREELY through both my blog posts and free informational courses. I am also extremely transparent if you couldn’t tell from this MOBE review. I cover all angles, and essentially put My Top Tier Business and My Online Business Empire in a transparent box for you to look at. I have absolutely nothing to hide.

You can connect with me on my personal Facebook profile or email me anytime of the day and 9 times out of 10 you will get a response in a day (usually within hours).

Here’s what you will get as a bonus when you partner with me in My Online Business Empire (MOBE) at the My Top Tier Business (MTTB) level:

  • All my products / training ($1000+) as well as access to my private team training site with extra resources, tools and recorded webinars ($2,000+ value).

  • Access to my private mastermind group ($99/month).
  • My personal mentoring (priceless)

  • Weekly Google Hangouts to mastermind and set/reach goals (priceless).

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