Motor Club Of America – Honest Review

Motor Club Of America – Honest Review

Motor Club Of America

Founded in 1926 by William W. Green, Motor Club of America is an automotive services company headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In 2010, Motor Club of America partnered with TVC Marketing to provide its members with multi-level marketing opportunities. Today, Motor Club of America offers consumers motor club memberships that feature roadside emergency assistance and other related services.

The Good

  • Low startup costs
  • Matrix compensation plan
  • Additional benefits
  • Multiple packages

Low Startup Costs

The minimum initial business startup costs to sign up as a member of Motor Club of America and participate fully in the business opportunity is $40 on a monthly basis. Members can participate in the optional referral program by sharing links via email and social media sites. When referrals enroll through these links, the member receives $80 in commissions. Independent associates also receive an advanced override bonus of $6 for every new member a recruited associate in their downline acquires.

Matrix Compensation Plan

Earned commissions in Motor Club of America’s 3×8 matrix compensation plan are paid out on a weekly basis. The company provides support for its new distributors through upline sponsors, replicated websites, back office, and sales and marketing materials.

Additional Benefits

The benefits available with Motor Club of America memberships include vehicle coverage, medical coverage, credit protection, travel assistance and discounts, and more. A full list of benefits can be found on both the Motor Club of America and TVC Marketing websites. Membership cards are accepted as cash bonds in traffic violations resulting in negligent homicide and vehicular manslaughter. Membership cards, car decal, and other exclusive discounts arrive in the mail within 7- 10 business days of purchase.

Multiple Packages

The membership cards offered by the company cover any vehicle that the member is in or operating. These services are meant to be supplemental to existing insurance policies and not considered to be standalone, full-coverage products. Total benefits equate to over $150,000 in the basic package and go up substantially from there. There are five different membership packages available for consumers and two different membership packages for commercial drivers that range in cost from $9.95 to $19.95 per enrolled member per month.

The Bad

  • Limited sales and marketing training
  • Unclear independent distributor earnings
  • Chargeback fees
  • Not a DSA member

Limited Sales and Marketing Training

Motor Club of America does not appear to offer advanced sales and marketing training for its independent associates, which can be discouraging for associates who do not have a background in these areas.

Unclear Independent Distributor Earnings

Motor Club of America does not provide income disclosure statements on its website, meaning it is difficult to determine what the actual earnings of the company’s independent distributors equate to on an annual basis.

Chargeback Fees

If a referred member chooses to cancel their membership before the end of the enrollment period, the company will place a chargeback fee on the referring member. The chargeback is calculated by the initial commission fee of $80 divided by the remaining uncompleted months. This amount is taken from future checks and is not to exceed 50 percent of a weekly payout. When customers purchase packages through Motor Club of America, they are charged the first and last monthly fee at the time of enrollment.

Not a DSA Member

The Direct Selling Association is an organization with a strict Code of Ethics for multi-level marketing companies. Unfortunately, Motor Club of America is not a member of this association.

The Bottom Line

Motor Club of America is an automotive services membership company with over 80 years of experience. The startup costs to join as an independent associate are affordable for most consumers. The company’s referral program offers members $80 commissions on $40 enrollments, plus additional override bonuses on the enrollment efforts of personally-sponsored associates. Members also receive numerous discounts on a wide variety of automotive and travel services. However, Motor Club of America does not offer advance sales and marketing training and independent associates are subject to chargeback fees.

The Conclusion

Overall, the company legit…

It is still growing to this day…

You might see some people calling MCA a scam and that’s because they probably joined without doing any research and found out there is work involved…

A lot of people think these home businesses are a lottery LOL.

Come on, it’s a business!

You have to work it like a business, not a hobby.

Anyway, the BIGGEST reason people fail is because they just can’t recruit for the life of it…

That’s actually the biggest problem in all of the Network Marketing companies out there.

So what is the solution?

You have to either learn how you can recruit people or…

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Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my MCA review, and in the comments below, let me know what your biggest issue is growing the company?

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